Multiple thousands for a domain name?

When and why might you want to pay over two thousand dollars for a domain name?

Somewhat sarcastically, there are several reasons to spend multiple thousands and possibly even millions of dollars on a domain name. For example:

Use any search engine and search the term "brand domains". Find any of the top competitors in the industry. Each of them wants you to believe that each one of the mash-up of letters and phrases they have available as a dot-com name has indispensable value to your business and therefore markup values in the tens of thousands of percent from their own purchase prices. Most have asking prices at much higher than reasonable rates. For some examples go to; view the active selling online businesses with solid monthly incomes and their accompanying domain names. Now compare those prices to the asking prices of those top competing brand domain name merchants and maybe even the quoted price of the domain name you might have already researched into. wants to be absolutely honest in the valuations we put on our domains and believe we have priced each of them, not only with exceedingly competitive prices, but also with realistic and respectful per purchase profit margins.

The aftermarket and brand domain market is a tough market, admittedly. But there are reasons its a hard market to break into and a hard market to realize any actual significant sales and profits from within. Because the brand domain market is currently only a created one, one which has no substantial reality in a supply and demand valuation arena. This is because there is no shortage of domain names. None. The only current shortage and relative rarity is with dot-com one word domain names and any dot-com domain name four or fewer characters in length or five and fewer solid number dot-com domain names. Click Here for example 2, 3, and 4 letter domain valuation examples.

If you are having trouble getting a satisfactory domain name for your business at a reasonable price, please contact us here, or by email. Detail to our sales team what you are looking for and we will do our best to find the name or a comparable name at a better price. You don't even need to tell us what price you were previously quoted. We honestly believe we can and will beat the price and maybe even the creativity of previous competitor inquiries. If we don't or can't beat the price, we will send you a 30% discount on any domain owned and offered here by Domainuts. And, we will take the time to do this research at no cost to you, yes, FREE, no $69 dollar charge and a discount reward if we fail.

Ready to purchase a domain name but have questions? Send us a message. We will respond to your message within 24 hours.

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